Komatsu PC71 Travel Device Spares (GM-09)

Sr. No.

Part No.

1. A1001 Hub (On which Cover fits)
2. A1002 Spindle (Behind Hub)
3. A1003 Hold Flange (Carrier)
4. A1004 RV Gear A
5. A1005 RV Gear B
6. A1006 Input Gear (Sun Gear)
7. A1007 Spur Gear (Planetary Gear)
8. ATZ500D1107-00 Spur Gear Kit (Set of 3)
9. ATZ500D1008-08 Cover
10. A1009 Crankshaft
11. A1012 Spacer (Fitting in Crankshaft)
12. ATZ500D1015-00 Coupling Shaft
13. ATZ500D1017-00 Pin (Needles running inside Hub)
14. ATZ810B1018-00 Ring (Lock for Cover)
15. ATZ500D1019-00 Reamer Bolt
16. ATZ860A1013-00 Snap Ring (Inside Hold Flange for Tapered Roller Bearing)
17. ATZ500D1021-00 Ball Bearing
18. A1022 Tapered Roller Bearing
19. A1023 Needle Roller Bearing
20. ATZJB2804-S19 Snap Ring (Lock for Input Gear)
21. A04064-02512 Snap Ring (Lock on Crankshaft)
22. A04260-00952 Steel Ball (Fitting in Shaft (G))
23. A07000-11008 O Ring - Spindle ( Small)
24. A07000-15230 O Ring  (For Cover)
25. ATZJW1516-G35-5 O Ring - Spindle (Big)
26. A07000-12014 O Ring for Plugs
27. ATZ410D1033-00 Cover Plug 1
28. ATZ810B2021-00 Cover Plug 2
29. ATZ500D2002-00 Shaft (Long Shaft fitting in Coupling)
30. A15Z-22x42x10 Oil Seal
31. ATZ880A2029-00 Ball Bearing (For 2002 Shaft - Big)
32. A06000-06301 Ball Bearing (For 2002 Shaft - Small)
33. ATZES20423232-B Floating Seal Kit
34. ATS500D1204-00 RV Gear Kit
35. AESA Crankshaft Assembly without Spur Gear
36. AESAC Crankshaft Assembly with Spur Gear
37. ATZ500D1104-001 RV Gear Kit with ESA
38. ARVESAC RV Gear Kit with ESAC


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